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  1. ispcomm

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    I would like to open a new thread for what I think is a much needed addition to ispconfig, merely a single web site migration tool between servers. I've wanted this for a few years now and I guess I'm not alone.
    There has been some discussion on the subject, but currenly there's no evident progress.
    I think it will be good to have a dedicated thread where we can express our desire and offer help and money for getting this tool done.
    If you need this add your +1 and comments are welcome. I think Till is already working on this thing, but perhaps it's at the bottom of his todo.
    I'll summarize a few comments from the other thread so get us started:
    At this point I must say I'm getting "desperate" too for a tool to let me move a single site from one server to another in a multiserver setup.

    I'm having issues with very old debian setups that will not upgrade cleanly to recent versions, and it's necessary to move single sites from old servers to different new servers.

    It's been now over six months I've been delaying this work. Is there any hope for the next few weeks ?

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  2. Jesse Norell

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    Just a thought regarding ssh login from master to all slaves, I'd certainly not want to have direct root access from master to all slave servers; for websites you could have the source server create a temporary ssh account under the affected website which the destination server uses to transfer data - that wouldn't always work for the database though, as dedicated database servers don't setup client ssh accounts.

    I supposed for database servers you just have the destination server connect directly to mysql on the source server and pull the data in.

    For moving websites specifically you could even leverage http(s) to perform the data transfer - the source server creates a tarball, sends "now avaliable" status and the link to the master, which propogates to the destination node, which downloads the tarball from that link. That isn't an option for dedicated mail servers though (which isn't a requirement in this thread, but might be in the overall project), so maybe considering ssh first is better because you could reuse the "tool".
  3. ahrasis

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    Using the old method for that is just like @Jesse Norell said above (sinceI am not sure how @till gonna do it and when):
    1. Safely ssh into your new web server.
    2. Then from it, ssh to your old server and get into the old web folder via "cd /oldserver/webfolder".
    3. Afterwards, run database backup via "mysqldump -u username -p database > db_backup.sql".
    4. Further archive the web folder via: "tar -czvf backup.tar.gz /oldserver/webfolder --exclude=/exclude/path1/ --exclude=/exclude/path2/".
    5. Exit back to your new web server and copy the backup files via "scp username@oldserver:/oldserver/webfolder/backup.tar.gz /newserver/webfolder/".
    6. Extract the backup file in the new web folder via "tar -xzvf backup.tar.gz".
    7. Get into mysql shell via "mysql -u username -p" and create new database via "CREATE DATABASE database;" then "exit".
    8. Finally run "mysql -u username -p database < db_backup.sql".

    Do correct me if I am wrong.
  4. ispcomm

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    @till seems to have a beta in the next couple of week.
    the issue with your approach is that it's too manual. you might have more than 1 db per site, different users, their passwords are unknown etc. Also, in a more typical scenario, you'll be moving a site from one server to another server in the same multiserver setup. You need to update the ispconfig database to point the "records" of the site on the new server. And to do this, you must also account from the way ispconfig propagates changes between servers (i.e. incremental records in the central db, for which the slaves look in the cron job).
    It's better done properly or not at all :)
    Good thing is @till seems to be working on this seriously now.
  5. webguyz

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    The more gui based the better. I can see a web based tool where everything is chosen from drop down boxes, current website, which server to move to and maybe option boxes for moving db as well and the migration tool would move the website over to new host and remove it from the old server. No reason to make it cmdline based when you have a rich api such as IPConfig has.

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