Single server or Multi-server?

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    Advice on Multi-server or Single Server

    Hi Guys.

    I am trying to get my server setup to a point where I can just leave it. I have tried a couple of different configurations (single server & multi-server). Can anyone tell me which would be the more prefered method of the 2? In a multi-server setup I am wanting to use 5 VM's on an Esx5, but i'm not sure of the benefits to this over a single server setup.

    I prefer to use ubuntu server, and have been using 12.04, purely for the LTS. From what I have read, Debian is the prefered distro or am I wrong?

    On my last attempt at setting a multi-server I couldn't access mail accounts after they were created within ISPConfig. I prefer Roundcube mail to squirrelmail, do I install squirrelmail on the mail server, then roundcube on the web server and then remove squirrelmail?

    I had been using this guide: for single server

    And this guide: for multi server.

    With regards to the multi server guide, I had to add bits from the single server guide to get it fully running, but not sure if it was correct or leaves any security flaws. Would someone be kind enough to possibly list which parts from the single server guide to use on the multiserver guide and on which server they should be installed.

    I'm sorry to be a pain, and for all the questions. I am not a linux guru, but just someone with a desire to learn.

    Thank you.

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