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Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by KenKnight, Jan 2, 2007.

  1. KenKnight

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    Hi all,

    You know, I'm sure someone has discussed this before, but searches through the forum yield nothing of any relevance (at least based on my keywords).

    My question is; Is there a registrar that will allow me to point my domains directly to my ISPconfig based server? I'm currently using godaddy and it requires two different name servers and I only have one static IP available.

    My next question if that one can be answered properly is that I would like to provide my small base of clientel a dynamic dns service and I'm curious if anyone else has utilized ISPconfig's dns management in this manner?


  2. showe1966

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    Dear Ken,

    No answer to your question, but FYI I just posted the same kind of question in the howto related forum yesterday.
    No replys yet......
    Ho hum.
  3. mphayesuk

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    It could be possible, you could create to nameservers and both point to the same address, not sure if it can be done like that.

    But if it can you can then point any domain to the nameservers.
  4. martinfst

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    As far as I know ALL registrars require at least two authoritative nameservers for a domain. Some registry owners allow you to place the nameservers on the same server, using two IP addresses. But I assume you're behind a (A)DSL router or something and only have one IP address from your provider.

    You could use a service from e.g. DynDNS. They offer a secondary DNS for one zone for only $14.95 a year. (for the record: I'm not affiliated with DynDNS). There are a few other providers that provide these type of services. Google for secondary nameserver.

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