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    I'm planning to run a dedicated hardware for a single domain, using ISPconfig 3. This domain will hold about 300 users and they will communicate via both POP/SMTP and IMAP for their mails. I want my users to log-in without using the full e-mail address as their user name. For example; I have a user named "adrian", if she would like to log-in to check her mails, she needs to use "[email protected]" as her user name. I want her to type just "adrian".

    As I'll be using Roundcube for the webmail, I know how to configure roundcube to disregard the domain name. But I do not know how that works for POP&SMTP.

    Pointers would be appreciated.
  2. till

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    You can e.g. change the sql queries in the .cnf files in /etc/postfix and in the courier config file so that they match only the part before the @ instead of the whole email address when querying for a password.
  3. dolmax

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    Till thank you for a quick response,

    1. Can you please provide a list of files that I need to change?
    2. If I change the configuration files, would the next ISPconfig update would replace those configuration files?

  4. till

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    I dont have a list at hed, but you will find the files here:

    a) All files with the word mysql in name from the directory /etc/postfix
    b) The file /etc/courier/authmysqlrc

    If yu select to reconfigure services, then yes. Otherwise, no.
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  5. till

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    Just as a hint, for the courier file, the following might work:


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