Since upgrade to newest ispconfig I can't create folders

Discussion in 'General' started by happz, Apr 22, 2013.

  1. happz

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    I'm at /var/www/clients/client1/web1 and I logged into WinSCP and tried to create a folder at /var/www/clients/client1/web1/>here< and I'm doing it as root but no go. From filezilla, as the web user, I tried also but get the same issue.

    Anyone else?

  2. florian030

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  3. happz

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    I went through the post quickly but ADM asked on the very last post- how to fix it? Maybe I missed the answer but ADM hasn't found a solution either.

    From ADM:
    Is it working as intended that root user can't make dirs inside /home/www/clients/clientN/webN/ dir?
    Or it is a side effect of this /etc/fstab manipulation? 
    Thank you greatly, and I'll keep reading that post again...

  4. florian030

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    You can disable the immutable-attribute in server config / web
  5. happz

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    Wonderful. Thanks ....oh, are the instructions listed in the forum thread?

  6. darinpeterson

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    As Falko told me, you can change this behavior under System > Server Configuration > Web > Permissions.
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  7. happz

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    And which on/off toggles did you do?
  8. darinpeterson

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    Hi happz,

    System > Server Config, then I selected the server that I wanted to alter settings for, then clicked on the Web tab, scrolled to the bottom where Permissions exist. Then uncheck "Make web folders immutable".

    This will allow you to create folders. Don't forget to give it a minute before you try making folders.

    That should do it...

  9. happz

    happz Member

    I did it last night and today, I still have the issue but I'm in filezilla...I'll try winscp next. Here's my settings:

    Set folder permissions on update [on]

    Make web folders immutable (extended attributes) [off]

    Add web users to -sshusers- group [on]

    Connect Linux userid to webid [off]

    Start ID for userid/webid connect [1000]

  10. till

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    This setting will get applied to new or changed sites only. If you want to apply new general settings to all existing sites, use the resync tool.
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