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Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by lindows2006, Jun 16, 2007.

  1. lindows2006

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    Hey Guys,

    i just finish building a centos 5 server for web hosting. I assigned it the ip address of When i type in that address in my url, i get the apache page, which means my apache is running. Now, i would like to put this server on my linksys dmz, which resides on a network segment. I guess my question is, how do i make my website viewable on the internet. A friend of mines told me i have to purchase a domain and point it to my isp ip address given to me. Also, i installed ispconfig on the centos box as well, does that affect how i set it up on my dmz as well.


  2. glennzo

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    Don't know about the DMZ but to make my Wiki available through the internet without a hosting service I went to There you can get free dynamic dns that will point to your public ip address. Open port 80 for http traffic and forward it to your private ip address. Works. Go to my Wiki, You are getting there through the dynamic dns service. You can even choose your own hostname, aka
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    On DMZ - As long as your using the DMZ as it's own subnet on your network, then it is fine. Configure your firewall to forward traffic on port 80 to your webserver's ip ( If you have a true DMZ, this should not be an issue. Do NOT use a "DMZ Host" option in some routers, as this is NOT the same thing as a DMZ subnet! The reason is you only need to forward port 80 for regular web traffic (unless you need secure sessions, etc), so configure your router to do so.

    On the domains - You can get some free subdomains from (such as, or if you want your own domain, you can purchase a domain from any of the main providers of such services for the DNS and registry part, then host it yourself by pointing traffic to that web address to your routers WAN address. There is plenty of information about port forwarding with many router models at

    On ISPConfig - ISPConfig is your hosting control panel, and it deals with everything webserver related. Instead of using a DMZ you could use the firewalls like iptables or add rules to the ISPConfig control panel, but it does not accomplish the same thing as a true DMZ subnet. ISPConfig is just that, configuration of your server and all of it's content, accesses and behaviors. You setup your DMZ through your firewall, not through ISPConfig (Unless Till or Falko have a way to do it!)

    I hope this helps you =)

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