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Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by trappedinside, Aug 29, 2012.

  1. trappedinside

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    I am looking for help and guidance on how to set-up a simple SMTP server for my sites to mail out from. I have a dedicated server just for the mail server so can make any changes I want. Currently it is running Debian 6 server ( no GUI ). I will be sending mail from PHP bases websites with PHPMailer.

    My needs :

    1. Outbound SMTP Mail only.
    2. Relay via allowed IP's only.
    3. Require username / password to relay.
    4. Only relay for allowed domains ( I have about 30 domains ).
    5. Log outbound mail.
    6. Status reporting on how many mails per sender address are sent. ( optional )

    Is the above possible ?

    I have seen lots of guides on howto set-up complicated mail servers with POP3/ IMAP, Webmail etc... but I simply do not need that as i use Google Apps.
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  2. Mark_NL

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  3. trappedinside

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    Thanks for the idea Mark_NL, however I am not looking for a command line tool. I am looking for something that listens on port 25 so I can send mail to it from PHP scripts on a web server.
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    Your welcome but .. you're not reading into it .. just read the damn page will ya?

    1. yes
    2. yes
    3. yes
    4. use msmtp instead of ssmtp
    5. yes
    6. no
  5. trappedinside

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    Missing something

    Hi Mark_NL,

    Thanks again for your time. Maybe I am missing something or my original post is not clear.

    I want to send mail from my server to any other address on the internet. From how I read it SSMTP sends to a specific server regardless of the address it is sending to. It is no good forwarding an email to servers for example.


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  6. Mark_NL

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    So you want to have you server directly send to yahoo servers and directly to google mail servers? If so, install postfix or exim4.

    postfix default install will suffice, but you might want to configure it a bit more to only allow local connections.

    I've about 60 webservers, and one simple mailserver with postfix.

    All the webservers have ssmtp installed, and relay all their mail that need to be send to postfix on the simple mailserver. That server on it's turn delivers the mail. That's it! 5-10mins of work.

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