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    hi guys.

    I'm developing a new theme for ispconfig, but I have a problem I can not solve.

    I intend to make a single side menu, which contains all options for all modules.

    in nav.php, we have the following command to invoke the side menu depending on the module you are accessing:

    ]) && $_GET['nav'] == 'side') {

    if(isset($_SESSION['s']['module']['name']) && is_file($_SESSION['s']['module']['name'].'/lib/')) {
    } else {


    Anyone have any idea how I can call all menu modules?


    |--- User management
    |-- CP Users
    |-- Remote users
    |--- System
    |-- Server Services
    |-- Server Config

    -- CLIENTS
    |--- Edit Client
    |--- Add Client

    I appreciate if someone can help me

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