shrooted ssh environments for ispconfig users

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    (ispconfig 2.2.35, ubuntu 9.10)
    With openssh 4.9.x/5.x, the logic to build chrooted ssh users in just built in. Because of the new
    logic, the magic separator "/./" within the users homedir assignment in passwd is no longer needed, but is
    now in trouble. See for the basics.
    To consider the history and also the new logic, a solution for ispconfig seems easy to adapt:
    One strategic parameter is in /root/ispconfig/scripts/lib/, where
    $go_info["server"]["ssh_chroot"] = or 1
    is responsible for two actions. In case of value 1, 1st, the magic separator "/./" is used, and 2nd, the
    script /root/ispconfig/scripts/shell/ is scheduled to build the users chrooted
    One solution is, to have a tri-state with $go_info["server"]["ssh_chroot"], where 0 leads to no chroot,
    where 1 leads to chroot with magic "/./" and script execution, and where a new value 2 leads to omit the
    magic "/./" but performs the script. The behaviour of option 0 and 1 are unchanged to support all those
    with the need of the old logic, but option 2 now becomes adjusted to the new logic. The changes are most easy:
    The essential file is /root/ispconfig/scripts/lib/config.lib.php, where lines
    # 772-774 (insert new user)
      if($go_info["server"]["ssh_chroot"] == && $user["user_shell"] && $web["web_shell"]) {
    exec("/root/ispconfig/scripts/shell/ $user_username");
    have to change to
      if($go_info["server"]["ssh_chroot"] > && $user["user_shell"] && $web["web_shell"]) {
    exec("/root/ispconfig/scripts/shell/ $user_username");
    and lines
    # 949-950 (update user)
      if($go_info["server"]["ssh_chroot"] == && $user["user_shell"] && $web["web_shell"]) {
    exec("/root/ispconfig/scripts/shell/ $user_username");
    also have to change to
      if($go_info["server"]["ssh_chroot"] > && $user["user_shell"] && $web["web_shell"]) {
    exec("/root/ispconfig/scripts/shell/ $user_username");
    Note, thats all to do - a really cheap solution. To be complete, a look to
    /root/ispconfig/scripts/lib/, where line #106
    $go_info["server"]["ssh_chroot"] = 2; // 0 = no, 1 = yes with old chroot path /./, 2 = yes without /./ (openssh 5.x logic)
    is the example to use the new logic.
    I would be happy, if the small changes would be confirmed with one of the next ispconfix 2.x releases.
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    I got ispconfig 2.2.35, centos 5.4 and OpenSSH_5.2p1.

    I add to sshd_config:
    Match Group web*
    ChrootDirectory ~/
    AllowTcpForwarding no

    I change 0 to 1:
    $go_info["server"]["ssh_chroot"] = 1;

    When I create a user from ispconfig, I get all library into the ftp account but i cant connect to sftp.
    I think I get the error in sshd_config because if i dont put the new config into sshd_config, its work!

    Whats the my problem?
    Thanks for the help!!

    ** Sorry for my bad english :)
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    your English is not bad at all. I have consider your problem... I will try to sort it out..
  4. userman

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    i dont remember... do you active shell access from panel ispconfig for the user of the domain?
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    Hi hrvbid, Thanks for the nice post you sharing with us. :)

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