Should i switch to Linux?

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by stevenshawss, Apr 11, 2019.

  1. stevenshawss

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    I am tired of windows, like ... really tired of it. And I want to make the switch to Linux. I know it will benefit me a lot since I do a major amount of coding in various languages. But the problem is i am a hard core gamer.. and i also fear that a lot of applications or programs i use or try to use in the future won't be compatible.

    Should I make switch?
    Is gaming really that bad on Linux? Would i be able to run all the main stream games like Apex, league and even Hytale when they come out?
  2. Taleman

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    Some games are available directly from the repository of the Linux distribution. More games for example from Steam:
    But first you should decide which Linux.
    If you mainly want games, I would say Ubuntu 18.04 is suitable, it is popular so Linux games should work at least on Ubuntu.
    Check your display card is supported in the Linux distribution you choose. Other hardware usually has drivers without issues.
    I know nothing of those games, but my guess is you will not be able to run all games.

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