Should I format and re-install ISPConfig 3

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by midcarolina, Sep 2, 2011.

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    Everyone in this forum knows how much difficulty I've had with ISPConfig 3 (especially Till and Falko). I know at the end of everyday that it is user error, although it is nice to try and blame it on the program you're using. The fact is that I like ISPConfig and want to use it. Here is what I have done and need a suggestion on what to do. I purchased a 5 block of static public IP's which will be routed directly to each server. I have only one site live on server one and server two is just getting Fedora 14 x84_64 installed today. Should I just format the original server and start over with "The Perfect Server Instructions" for both? The first server is having so many problems (although they just seemed to happen out of the blue?). I would love to be able to just adjust the first server with the the new public static ip. I know this will involve changes to the databases, firewalls (no more port forwarding is involved) and other files, but I simply can't remember all of them.

    Thanks for the suggestions and help!
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    Something is seriously wrong with your setup and there is no point in stressing about it. Just start over if at all possible.

    If I were you I would try Debian this time. I really like Ferdora also but mainly on a desktop PC. There is much more help for Debian in my experience. You can go with either Ubuntu server or Debian Sqeeze.

    Follow this howto if you go with Debian Sqeeze:

    It is a fairly robust setup - remember to follow it to the letter.
    Download the PDF version and then use putty to copy and paste the commands but also remember to replace hostnames and server information with your own.

    Good luck with it.

    If you get stuck at any step someone will help you on this forum.

    What is your hardware setup (general setup only - not the exact details)
  3. midcarolina

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    Hardware is Asus motherboard w/ i7 Quadcore CPU 3.2

    6x500 gb raid 5 Hard disk (2.3 TB)

  4. falko

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    I'd also suggest to start over and, if possible, to use Debian Squeeze as this is our main development platform and therefore supports ISPConfig best.
  5. midcarolina

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    Here goes nothing! Thanks guys.
  6. CSsab

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    That is a nice system.

    Be sure that your raid is properly set up before proceeding. (With some of the problems you have been having you could even go so far as to completely rebuild it but if you are confident about its performance then that is your call)

    Are you setting up your machines in lvm?
  7. midcarolina

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    Thank you,

    About the raid system - I haven't had any problems with this. The Asus Motherboard does a really good job of setting this up (or helping) with raid.

    Also, I am setting the machines up in lvm.

    I've decided to ditch Fedora 14 and go with Debian Squeeze too.

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