Shorewall is blocking apt-get among other things

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    So I am have the problems described in this thread

    but I have narrowed it down somewhat. I am using openvz and the problem child is a container. I started off opening the ports by policy to verify that it was the containers firewall rather than the main firewall, and it worked so after that I started sectioning off ports using ranges. Apt-get, lynx and pinging a site started working when I set the open tcp/udp (has to be both) ports to 40000:60000.... Here is my rules file, and I assure you that when I set the net2fw policy to accept everything works

    ACCEPT all $FW tcp 462
    #ACCEPT all all tcp 40000:60000
    #ACCEPT all all udp 40000:60000
    ACCEPT all net udp 53
    ACCEPT all net tcp 53
    ACCEPT net all udp 53
    ACCEPT net all tcp 53
    ACCEPT $FW net icmp
    ACCEPT net $FW icmp

    Any ideas?

    EDIT: Or might it be better to setup parent zones on the host server?
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