Shoreline Firewall / Shorewall Issues - Please Help

Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by kylibar, Aug 10, 2008.

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    Computer Information :
    CPU - Pentium III - 700Mhz
    RAM - 384MB
    OS - Ubuntu Server 6.06 LTS with Updates (apt-get update / upgrade)
    3 Network Interfaces - 2 Same Make, Different Model / 1 Different Make

    Im having trouble with my firewall alltogether. I have followed the HOWTO at the shorewall website, I can start and stop shorewall in the terminal just fine. I have deduced that my shorewall setup is ok? Im not too sure though. I read somewhere that I have to bridge my interfaces within the computer. I downloaded the bridge-utils package and made a bridge, seemed simple enough. I keep reading something about modifying my kernel or something, but im not too sure how? Or if I even have to? (Why I came here)

    Basically I have 2 "off-the-shelf" routers, set up correctly, and each one is connected to a network interface. 1 Interface is connected to 1 DSL Modem. The interface names are; net, dmz, loc.

    For Example -
    If I am connected to LOC, and I want to PING the DSL Modem connected to NET, well... it dosent happen. I cant even ping through my firewall, muchless USE it as a firewall :)

    Any help would be nice.

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