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    Hi All,:confused:

    I using crontab that run script on each morning to collect lots of text file from a server and send them to FTP server as one tar file(about 600MB).
    I would like to copy this one tar file from the FTP server to a local machine, but first I need to check each hour that the tar file is found on the FTP server.
    Meaning is that I need to connect to the FTP server hourly and check if the tar file exist.
    I'm using lftp and using the command lftp -f FileNameWhichContainTheBelow

    user username password
    cd /some_directory/
    mv textfile.tar Finishedtextfile.tar
    get [B]Finishedtextfile.tar[/B]
    The script should check if Finishedtextfile.tar exist, if yes, get it.


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