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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by pjaric, Sep 22, 2006.

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    Here is my configuration. Nothing fancy.
    1. Registerd two domains with Godaddy
    2. Setup A record for both on Godaddy to point to my public IP of router
    3. Told router to forward all http requests to internal private ip of ISPConfig server
    4. Setup two websites with internal ips

    From outside all I get is shared ip page

    Under DNS Manager all etries under Domain, Options and Records for both sites points to
    Under Management->settings Server IP address and mask are private
    Under Management->settings DNS, ns1 and ns2 are

    I change DNS on workstation to point to In browser Domain1 opens up ../web1/web and domain2 opens up ../web2/web pages, as they should, so Apache and DNS are resolving things internally, but cannot from the outside.

    What DNS or other settings do I need to change? I would not like to host own DNS right now until I get this straightened away.
  2. till

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    In the DNS manager you must use your external IP and in the website settings use your internal IP address.

    Please double check that you created A-Records at godaddy and not any type of domain forwarding.

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