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    Hello everyone,
    I have a master-master setup for hosting right now in two different locations for redundancy. I'm considering moving to ISPConfig instead of my solution that I've used for almost ten years now.

    First, looking at the main How-To article at and then secondly the article for doing the master-master relationship.

    Any help on the questions below - even if you can just answer one of them is great. I'm attempting to install just the necessities for ISPConfig based on my requirements.

    #1 - Is all of the ruby packages necessary? I do not host ruby sites and don't want to install them.
    #2 - I'm guessing there is no support for Exim instead of Postfix? I have a system setup with blocked IP ranges, blocked domain names, email address, etc where Exim pulls from a database to check these.
    #3 - There are some packages I'm not aware of and did not know if I could get input on if they are required or what specific purpose they will do. Packages include getmail4, zoo, bzip2, arj, nomarch, lzop, cabextract, apt-listchanges, apache2-doc
    #4 - What kind of reliability does Dovecot's replication have? If one of the servers goes unreachable unexpectedly or is offline for a while, will it catch back up or ensure email replication? I've always used Unison to do this and it replicates every four minutes - but sometimes customers will get duplicate or tripe emails depending which server they hit.
    #5 - I have several shell scripts that will send me emails by using the "mail" command through the shell. I believe this is called heirloom-mailx. Will this still operate?
    #6 - I much rather prefer to use Config Server for the firewall instead of Fail2Ban. Config Server will actually permanently ban IP addresses or a range and acts as the firewall in one package. Is there any conflict with using this and not installing Fail2Ban?
    #7 - This has been discussed before, but is there any capabilities of a good web-based file manager? Specifically the ability to edit files, upload files, make folders, compress/zip, and uncompress/extract.
    #8 - When installing ISPConfig on the secondary master server, it will ask about making certificates for SMTP. If these are not the same certificate on both server, wouldn't this cause a potential security problem on clients with the certificate being different?
    #9 - Is there any automation capabilities for setting up accounts? Right now I have a script setup so once someone makes their payment and it is a new customer, everything is completely setup and ready - the username/password for login, the DNS settings, the virtual host. I'm sure it would be a matter of a SQL call to make the username/password for the ISPConfig login, but setting up everything else is questionable.
    #10 - With ISPConfig, is it possible to just use a shared zone file for Bind instead of separate? I essentially use a shared zone file for the majority of clients and those that need something different (such as email being hosted elsewhere), I'll make a custom zone file. By doing so, it is less management and shared DKIM stuff can be used.

    I realize that is quite a bit, but those are some questions I have for now. I'm doing an install to play around with it for now using the first article. Just want to make the system as lean as possible as well.

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