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    Hi folks,

    I have a couple websites I hosted that use php, mysql, and email (for the usual stuff; joomla, phpbb, osCommerce, and custom s/w). They are currently hosted on what I believe you would call a 'managed server'. Well the company that owns these servers has mismanaged my account and I told them I've had enough and am leaving.
    So I rented a VPS as I could do more than simply host a site on it. (I wish to put a Teamspeak server on, and perhaps host a game server for a particular simulation I enjoy.)

    Some time ago I setup a Debian box on my lan to mirror the services that my webhosting company provided, and in the end (2 months later) it all worked well for me (I didn't worry about many things as all I wanted was a development machine to test my php code). Whilst I had EXCELLENT help from members of this site, there were some (particularly from the Linux OS support sites) that were critiquing my efforts on the basis that I was placing an unsecure server on the net even though my box was behind a Router/Firewall with no external access.

    For a variety of reasons, I'm going with Ubuntu 10.04 LST on my VPS. What I haven't found yet is a 'check-list' of all the essential packages, applications, components, sub-components, modules that link applications (like php & apache, or SMTP_AUTH), plug-in's etc that are required.

    I'm aware that there are choices for some applications (eg: nginx, Apache, ...) And making the choice determines what else needs to be installed.

    So my question is: What are all the packages, modules, plug-ins, etc etc etc. that need to be installed in order to have a Ubuntu 10.04 LST platform that runs the basic web services and will be secure once configured?

    In my specific case;
    I don't want to spend additional money on licencing,
    I don't need printing services,
    I don't think I need ISPConfig as I'm not renting sub-domains.
    But in the interests of others who come after me, the check-list should include these things.


    PS.. I'm happy to create the 'check-list' but need the input of others for the actual information.
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