Setup LAMP server but how to host website?

Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by gr8simba, Jan 26, 2011.

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    I am totally new to Linux and also LAMP. I want to host my small forum on my own Desktop so after a long searching how to built your own server for your website / forum i found this useful page

    This tutorial clear me many things and by following this tutorial i built server. here it is



    Now the main problem i face here it is

    Q1 How to install my website on the server?

    Q2 How to make my forum/website available for my friends etc?

    Q3 Did i use domain instead of local host? How please explain.

    i know these are very stupid questions but for me its very important i want to learn kindly help me. So i am stick with this thread and waiting for your helpful replies.
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    Q1= Install your web,forum,blog... in /var/www directory. This is the root directory from the web server.

    Q2 and Q3=Tell us your network configuration. Are you using a dsl or cable connection to internet? Dedicated server or VPS?Have you dynamic or static IP address?Have you a domain or not yet?

  3. gr8simba

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    How to install my forum in /var/www directory becuase when i try to copy my files it says you dont have permission my knowledge says that i have to use commands or may be a file manager to use for installing forum files in /var/www. Please explain how i copy files in /var/www by using file manager or by Sudo commands.

    I use cable connection and i have static ip and currently dont have any domain
  4. pititis

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    If you are using ubuntu desktop try to execute nautilus from a console (or by Alt+F2) in this way:

    gksudo nautilus

    If you are running ubuntu with no X and you dont know commands try to install and use a tool like mc (install it with sudo apt-get install mc). This tool can help you. (remember to execute mc with sudo mc after installation).

    With a static IP address it's easy to set dns with a company like godaddy. They have a very nice control panel so you can set a domain for your webserver ip yourself.

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