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  1. smathaven

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    After playing around with some configurations with a server, i can explain properly what i need to know (i hope). I have a cisco firewall which is installed right in front of my server, and this firewall redirects all requests for the domain to the internal IP address (our dns server).
    On this server we have a web server ( and a mail server

    I want to create a subdomain on the dns server and delegate it to the internal ip address, and then have a website (http://applications and also a mail server running on it.
    what steps do i need to do on server 1( and server 2 (

    I know that i have to configure to firewall also to route all request for to, but i have to make sure that it works internally first. How do i do that?
    Pleeeeeeeeease help me.
  2. falko

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    If you router does port forwarding, you got a problem: you can forward a port (e.g. 80 for http and 25 for smtp) to one machine (e.g., but not to two machines at the same time.
  3. smathaven

    smathaven New Member

    is there some other way through virtual hosts? Cant this be done through dns?
    or etc/resolv.conf?

    can i configure cisco to route to 2 ports? i am sorry to disturb you so much with my questions, but i have no idea what solution i can propose and i am going crazy.
  4. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    I dont think that you can forward a port to 2 machines, at least not with my router but I dont have a cisco router.

    What you can do for e.g. http is to forward all traffic on port 80 to one server and then use the apache mod_proxy module to proxy part of the traffic e.g. for a specific domain to another server.

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