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Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by Darkness, Jul 22, 2007.

  1. Darkness

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    Hey peoples, how we going? I'm new to this site, only found it tonight. sooo, iv been set the task to setup and maintain a sever, iv has experience with LAN setup and want to learn how to "webmaster", so here the long learning curve begins...right?

    So Anyways ill try to be brief, This sever, "they" have asked for is going to be sitting on a (i live in Perth Australia ) 24/8Mbit IInet broadband connection (dynamic IP). They want to run their webpage off this box, something like this page actually, run a forum like this, have downloadable audio and video, maby streaming content. I have a box here, AMD 64bit 3200 2Gig RAM and 1TB HDD. Access to software or OS isnt a problem.

    I have no idea where to begin, if anyone can give me the "lowdown" on what they would run in this situation or if there are old threads on this topic that would be great.

    So if u haven't figured im n00b as they come but willing to learn so yer just looking for the place to begin.
  2. tkd1987

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    hi dude, i am in same situation however progressing slightly fast.

    i am able to tell u that you should get and install ubuntu a linux based operating system, and install lamp server

    here is a good tutorial which i have found

    i had a few problems after the installion and could get apache set up properly, if i get anymore information i will get back to you, and hope you will do the same

  3. falko

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  4. Darkness

    Darkness New Member


    thanks for the advice guys, does anyone know the name of the "software" (is that the right word?) behind this forum. this exact version is generic throughout so many sites, its just the layout that changes.

    also im running a 64bit Box so use the 64 bit install of ubuntu LAMP sever right? DEEERRRRRRR, i just want to be sure and know if this will differ my install from the tutorial

    ill keep u posted on anything useful i find ;)

    just found it, vbulletin
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  5. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    That's up to you. You can as well install the 32bit version on a 64bit processor. Works as well. :)
  6. SkykerZio

    SkykerZio New Member

    Apache IP? Setup...Outside connection

    Hi, im new to Linux, Im a student at ITT tech and about 2 months ago we got to install and play around with OpenSUSE 10.2.

    I really Liked the look and feel of it, So I have installed it on a PC here at home, that previously had XP on it.

    Now, I've played around with it quite a bit, figured out about install packages and Install Configs, But I'm also a Big Gamer, and Wanted to set up a Webserver, so That I can host my own Webpage for An in game guild (no, not World of Warcraft LoL)

    ISP = Comcast
    Router = Linksys WRT54G

    Anyways...I have followed the instructions in http://
    and when i get to Page three, The network Card Config Review, Im confused.

    Under "Network address setup"
    For IP address and Subnet Mask, Do I get that From My PC itself? Or From my Router? I understand My Router Has a Different IP for the outside, and Hands out LAN IP's to my Home Network.

    "Hostname and Server Config"
    Hostname and Domain name, Do i just pick whatever I want here? say for example
    Hostname = Pretty
    Domain =

    or Is there a method to this?

    "Routing Config"
    Default Gateway, where Do I Get this Value from? My Router Status page?

    Im stuck here, When I Set it to Static IP with Values, I Cant Get an internet Connection to continue on with the next steps (testing Connection, downloading updates) If I set it to DHCP I get My Connection, But am trailing away from the Tutorial.

    Also I wanted to know, Am I Supposed to Set my router to Static IP as well?

    Sorry about the flood of questions, I've been looking for over a week now to get this setup, and have re-installed 3 times now, to start from scratch.

    My have set "triggered Range" and "Forwarded range" to port 80 and enabled them.
  7. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    From your router (make sure that you pick the settings for the LAN side, not the WAN side).

    You can make one up if you don't have your own domain.

    This is your router's local IP address.

    Your router already has a static IP (imagine it was dynamic - your computers would have a hard time connecting to the internet).
  8. SkykerZio

    SkykerZio New Member

    Wow, Thanks for getting back so Quickly, i noticed this thread was old and was slightly concerned. And THANK YOU! so much for clarifying!

    I will try this out and Post back with any other questions, again thank you!
  9. SkykerZio

    SkykerZio New Member

    ok just another quick question, Based on :

    And Also Wishing to be an FTP server, Which Groups in Yast->User managment -> Details should I, if any, make this belong to?

    And thanks Again falko, its Connected now!
  10. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    Generally, you must create a system user (if you don't already have one), and this system user can then use FTP (he must have a valid shell, one which is listed in /etc/shells).

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