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Discussion in 'General' started by tristanlee85, Mar 15, 2010.

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    I had a post about this for ISPConfig 2, but I never ended up getting it working so I'm hoping with my new setup of 3, it will be easier.

    A little summary: I have my domain registered at GoDaddy. In the Domain Manager, I have created 2 hosts: NS1 and NS2:


    As you can see, the host IP is assumed to be static. Every time my IP changes, I have to come back in here and re-update. It may take 2 days before my sites are up for everyone.

    Now I set my nameservers as the 2 hosts I set up:


    My router is setup with so my host for that is I also have the DMZ host setup which points to (my server).

    With that information, I guess it's time to figure out how I need to set this up to work seamlessly between IP changes. I need to change the way the hosts and nameservers in GoDaddy are set up so they are dynamic. Which steps would I need to take to do that?

    On the ISPConfig end, what do I need to configure in System > System Config > {my server} > Nameservers? What about the DNS Zone section?
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    Not sure if I understand what you need. But if dyndns dynamically updates your host, why not use a CNAME in your alternative host? And, make sure you read this page so that you don't need to wait for two days before DNS gets updated. I decided to quote the Microsoft page because this has the clearest explanation of DNS options regardless of DNS software.

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