Setting up DNS automation post-installation

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by chancer, Sep 19, 2007.

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    I have several sites, email accounts, ftp accounts, set up on a server with ISPConfig to run them. The DNS records were already set up for those domains but I was not aware of that. So when I put a new domain into ISPConfig, it is not setting the DNS records for them. This raises a few questions, the most urgent and important of which are:

    1. Can I now configure ISPConfig to automatically put DNS records where they should go (if it is putting them anywhere at the moment, it must be in the wrong place)? If so, how?

    2. Will this overwrite the current settings so I have to reset them all, and will the resets hold when ISPConfig updates itself?

    3. Alternatively, will ISPConfig absorb the currently set domains, so I can use it for any future DNS reconfigurations for any site(s)?
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    1) In the ISPConfig web interface, look in management->Server->Settings, on the DNS tab. In that screen you have the ability to set the location of the named.conf file and the location of the bind9 zone files. I think that's probably what you're loking for.

    2) If you change the setting in the above mentioned screen to agree with where with your named.conf file and zone files are currently, then ISPConfig ought to remember those settings when ISPConfig updates its files. Alternatively, if you copy your named.conf file to where ISPConfig believes it to live, and copy your zone files to where ISPConfig currently believes them to live, you ought to be ok. Just be sure that you've got all of your domains already defined in ISPConfig before you attempt the 2nd choice. I'm not sure what would happen to zone records for a domain not set up in ISPConfig's DNS settings.

    3) Are the currently configured zones very complex in their setup? If not, it ought to be fairly simple to manually enter them into ISPConfig via the web interface. If you have many domains to add, or if any of them are complex, you might want to take a look at the Remote Framework and see about writing a simple script to add them via the SOAP interface.

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