Setting up an openSuse 11 server

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    Hi Everyone,

    I'm new to this group.

    I've decided I want to have my own web server, and I'll be using the usual LAMP stack to implement it (Linux: openSUSE 11.1; Apache: latest version; MySQL Server: latest version; Php/Perl/Python). I found a great tutorial on how to install openSUSE as my OS and Apache as my server. However, for educational purposes, I actually want to build my hardware from scratch. I've been looking at various motherboard, cpu, and ram configurations, and have noticed that most 'build it yourself' stuff out there concerns the home user, rather than someone trying to build a server 'from the ground up.'

    So, my question: I want to build a machine from scratch to be able to be a webserver for many domains (maybe 10 or more), but I want to be budget conscious about what motherboard and cpu I get, i.e. i'm not sure if I need to have all the extra graphics bells and whistles that so many mobo manufacturers tout as being selling points

    Can you tell me a good (current) motherboard/cpu combo that would be useful as a server platform for the app stack described above? I'm basically looking to minimize costs (even if having to use older hardware) while maximizing performance for clients who are surfing my websites hosted on my machine.

    Please note: there are probably things I haven't described that I should have, but that's because I'm a total newb... please be gentle. I DO know that you can make a server out of just about anything, simply by installing the right software and having the right network configuration, etc. However, like I said, I just want to have some basic motherboard/cpu recommendations for a webserver that will be able to host 10 to 15 domains, without having to spend extra for things I don't want or need -- for instance, I am not sure if I need to have a great graphics card (or even great support for a graphics card on the MoBo) to be able to still serve up pages.

    Any input would be super greatly (an upgrade from merely greatly) appreciated.


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    my solution

    For this i would use following hardware:

    asus motherboard about 80 euro (I take micro-atx with 4 mem. banks)
    amd 64-bit processor 80 euro
    some memory about 50 euro
    2 x 1tb harddisk (24/7) ones in software raid 1
    a case and a dvd
    Advantage: easy to replace parts!
    Perfect for the task you describe and very stable and fast.

    I also have one server intel mini-itx with atom processor
    cost: 80 euro
    2Gb memory (20 euro)
    2x harddisk in software raid1
    in very small case

    For in datacenter we use hp servers (cost about 800 euro)

    The amd server is really rock solid(uptime > 400 days)
    so this proves that 'real servers' are not really needed..


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