Setting up a secure basic Ubuntu Server

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    Hi guys,

    I'm setting up 5 Ubuntu 12.04.2 Servers with only the Ubuntu Server software installed. It's to be used as servers running only the BOINC clent on behalf of SETI- and [email protected] ! But,
    I only installed SSH, vim-nox, ntp and lm-sensors.. I was hoping that one or more of you could help me with a little "How To Do a Basic Ubuntu Server" list.
    I have been reading and trying to setup the UFW firewall because I want to run some software on my android to monitor and control the servers from outside the LAN.
    Setting up ISPconfig3 teached me a great deal, but not what's needed when running a basic server configuration. I've been reading on this site , but again, this is how to setup a server with apache, php etc. etc.
    What I need is to know what's important when running a basic server as described above, running only the BOINC-client..

    Hoping to hear from you

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