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  1. gasbie

    gasbie New Member

    I'm trying to seup my dual ethernet card. One to go to the internet and the other to serve the LAN.
    Do I need a router for the NIC that will serving the LAN and another one to the NIC that will be connected to the internet?
    I don't want the LAN computers to connect to the internet. Can someone please give me a description on how to set this connection. And yes I will be using my server as a DHCP and DNS BIND. All input will be appreciated. Thanks
  2. damir

    damir New Member


    I would install m0n0wall or pfsense. Pfsense is based on m0n0wall but is more robust in my opinion.

    Threre you have routing software, dhcp server, dns and firewall so you can allow/deny internet connection on lan computers.
  3. gasbie

    gasbie New Member

    How does my connection goes? Is it from modem to router (dhcp turned off), then to switch and eth0 of my server(dhcp and dns on), then eth1 back to the switch?
  4. damir

    damir New Member

    It should be something like this:

    Internet --> Modem --> Pfsense ETH0 (example ) --> ETH1 --> Switch --> Lan
  5. gasbie

    gasbie New Member

    Hey damir, I really appreciate your quick input. thank you so much. I'm a newbie with networking and linux. I'm working on a school project.

    A server, wireless router, cable modem, and a switch.
    My server has two NIC (eth0 and eth1). I want the server to be my DHCP and DNS server.
    So what I did was connect my modem to my wireless router (DHCP disabled) then connect from the router to eth0 of my server. Any thing I connect to the back of the router gets a dhcp from my server and they can access the internet. If am correct, does this mean that my eth0 is serving for the outbound packeting or if provides access to the internet.

    As for eth1, I want configure it for another network ( it is connected to the switch. Now, how can I make any computer connected to the switch communicate with only the eth1 card?

    Summary: I want eth0 NIC for serving internet only and eth1 for serving intranet.

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