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Discussion in 'General' started by zombiezach8, May 14, 2019.

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    I'm wanting users to create databases/mail etc on the same server the website is on.
    EX: Creating a database and picking domain which is located on Then it'd create on that server.

    Any suggestions or am I missing something obvious? I know I can set the 'default database server' in SYSTEM -> MAIN CONFIG but thats for a single server, and not the same server as domain.


    Edit: Question two, is a single master server ever going to be out-scaled with many users with many many slaves around the world. If so, is it possible to add my current name server slaves to multiple multi-server setups? So I have one in like London, US East Coast, West etc. If so, is it a good idea? Or should I have one big master server, and every server around the world under it.
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    You can create Client Template, with limit on what database server that client can use. Create a template per webserver you have, and limit database server to that web server.
    I do not know any way to automatically restrict database server to be the same host as web server.
  3. zombiezach8

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    Well if it's possible to have name servers in multi multi-server setups then can I just have just a setup per webserver? I'd have to find a way to keep all the configs synced, and templates. But I can set the default server now since theirs just once server in each setup.

    EX: web001 & two dns servers then another setup of web002 and my two dns servers and so forth.

    This would enable me to have each server act as their control panel too
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    I realise this is an old thread and Im not responding to the poster directly but giving my opinion on the proposed DNS strategy in the previous reply using my experience as a hosting reseller in a past life.

    DNS servers should really be used globally, to have another pair of dns servers would be a waste of resources IMO. The exclusion to this being any server you lease out, These should be a blank canvas for the client to work with and if they want private DNS then you obviously have an up-sell if you can provide small servers at the right price.

    There is no reason you cannot do things the way you propose but as you said, it will add complexity and leave scope for problems keeping the network in sync.

    If selling "shared" hosting then a host would be looking at using the companies own name servers (or name servers that reference the host in some way. Any WHOIS search on a site would then display (read advertise) the company company. Nothing is free as they say. The same is true even for DNS, it provides a critical service to the user but also it services a critical need of a company.

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