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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by pecka33, Feb 14, 2022.

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    i would like to change hostname for my dedicated server and ISPConfig from hostname of my provider to my own. How can i do it?

    For example iam using hosted on my server. For example i would like to use own hostname and now hostname of my provider.

    In this case what should i do if i want to change it and all will be working fine?

    First create A records via my provider with name pointing to IP address of my server.
    After that rewrite and set new hostname in files


    Or somewhere else for example for my phpmyadmin, roundcube etc? Should i add this my new hostname in ispconfig in DNS?
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    The early steps i.e. of what to do in the CLI are covered in Debian / Ubuntu Minimal install tutorial. For others, you can change what is needed in ISPConfig after forcing ISPConfig update to create SSL for that new hostname. I can't remember the right steps but you should definitely start with the CLI.
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    Thank you. And should i set somewhere new hostname for mysql? Or only in hosts file?

    Or can i use jsut hostnamectl set-hostname {NameHere}?

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