Set domain for the MX records pointing to a fixed ip

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by notariorojo, Jun 22, 2008.

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    Let's see you explain he mounted a server with Ubuntu 8 and I prepared to work with ISPConfig, if everything works properly esque except the mail server, I send emails without problems but I do not get any from the street Only from the local network, and I think I am almost sure that it's DNS server in my ISP in the administration of domains, in the record I have set my ip, and that I smoothly redirected to the server but ip the MX is not and I tried to put the IP but also leaves no probe and putting the domain of my isp and was ineffective. So for the moment mails sent to [email protected] not come to any side.

    Os dejo a picture of my ISP where should I put a valid MX nose that it should be.


    Note: The port 25 and 110 open in the router.

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    Please check if the MX record for your domain is correct:
    dig mx

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