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    I hope I'm posting in the right area.

    I am trying to install an old version of PHPLD (version 2.15, the last free version). After creating the site and uploading the files, I go to the browser to begin the install. On the second step of the install I get a big red "X" next to "session save path" writable. I've been all through their forums. They give the following advice but it all seems to be geared towards Cpanel or ISS.

    They say to either add:

    ini_set ('session.save_path', 'PATH-TO-FOLDER');

    to the "/include/config.php" file

    or add

    session.save_path = "/my/path/to/session"

    to the php.ini file. Or both.

    Nothing I have tried seems to work. Is there some reason that the fix that seems to work for other hosting panels does not seem to work for ISPConfig?

    Thanks for any help.
  2. till

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    The session safe path is writable, so I guess thats a misleading info. If you can proceed with the next step, then ignore this warning.

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