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    I don't know a fitting title that explains the problem i have.

    I will explain:
    There is a Windows Remote Terminal Server in a Network I have access to a Ubuntu machine.
    Then I have a debian server reachable over the internet.

    the ubuntu machine has access to the local machines and to the internet

    so, can anyone tell me what i have to do that i am able to reach the terminal server (port 3389) on an local IP over the ubuntu machine over my debian server from everywhere over the internet?

    i think something with an ssh tunnel or proxy(with putty then)?

    edit: i am not able to reach the ubuntu from outside but i am pretty sure with an ssh tunnel this will work but i don't understand the exact function of this at the moment. and yes sry maybe my english is not the best one..


    regards, nagiii
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    It would be quite easy if your WAN has an Static or Public IP! You still would need the access credentials for the server, which shouldn't be a problem if you're the administrator of that server. Just type the Static IP in browser with the required Port like: 123.456.789.001:3389 (if SSL is installed you'll need to use https://[IP:Port]) and you should be able to access that server.

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