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    Hi don't hate me because I'm not a linux purist. I have an ubuntu ilk running as a virtual appliance guest on an winxp host. Specifically:
    I have this running within vmware workstation 6.5. The appliance is pre-configured in the way that is specified by link above & included vmware tools when I brought it up.
    To be blunt I want to run a web server from a virtual linux environment & as I already have this installed and running seems sensible that I use the Linux I have so I can continue to "dance with the one what brung ya".
    I foresee a hitch though so let me explain. On the minus side I am behind a router using DHCP & have no interest in knowing all the minutiae about the protocol & really don't want to become a Linux whiz kid so it's best that whatever I am doing be as GUI as possible. On the plus side both the guest and the host I am currently running can "see" the network & I can see the advantage of running something like Joomla or Drupal with a linux based lamp setup. Here is my question do I want to do something like:

    I'm not averse to learning nor a total linux idiot. I just see real benefits to a virtual OS setup. I also see benefits to hosting one's one site & I won't be getting a static IP.

    Who knows a bunch about how to get the server to deal with the dhcp from within the vmware workstation as an appliance? I really think this has to do with tweaks in the guest os (linux) network config MAYBE as well as certain tweaks to the vmware workstation panel/config mainly & the lamp server configuration.

    Thanks bajillions in advance please help me make this work this has been an idea I have had for about 10yrs. Why wouldn't everyone do this? I don't want Facebook... I just want to host my own content thankyou!


    PS if this needs to be moved to the "virtualization" area then feel free mods! Also when/if I get this going I will make a tutorial front & center on the site I want to build. Yes I have registered a domain & know that the DNS servers of the world will have layers of complication due to router (or even routers? if I want to run my site off a laptop at the local coffee shop for instance... am i insane is this even possible?) & virtual appliance aspect.
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