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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by Techman, Mar 17, 2007.

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    Ok I'm a little new back to Linux used to use it like 4 years ago here and there. I have 3 Computers running on my Home Network and would like to do a couple things on my "Server" Machine that I'm having a hard time finding out how to do.

    I do have a account at and have them forwarding to my Dynamic IP Address all traffic at *not real link*. Currntly I have Fedora Core 6 Setup and its doing Http/Php/MySql/ProFTP. Below are some things I would like to do just to figure out and mess around with.

    1. Apache 1.3 *From what I hear a little more secure* and User Directories working. *Would like to have it at*

    2. PhpMyAdmin Working with all User Directories.

    3. MySql working where each ~User can make there own Databases and Delete there own.

    4. FTP Access to Each Users own FTP Directory where they can upload to there own Website */home/~user/public_html/html* or something. But also have one Open Accessible FTP Login *Guest* and one *Upload* Account.

    5. Streaming Mp3 Via Internet *For personal use while at work*
    I know all this sounds like a professional webserver and that kinda is what I want because I would like to learn how they do it when they setup professional web servers.

    This is all 100% for home usuage/tinkering around with. I play with PhpNuke/E107/Php Fusion all the time and would like to tinker in Adobe Go Live which is the reasons for Databases and individual accounts/Databases.
    I've read the whole "Setup a Lamp Server with *Distro X*" and it all talks about Bind/Sendmail/Quota's and just tell's you how to do it without explaining anything of "Why" you do it that way or other ways to do it.

    I don't need Sendmail Or Bind that I can think of could you help me with some advice. The other thing that I've tried doing is installing Ubuntu or Kubuntu and it only wants to work with 1 hard drive for the install at a time. Hardware is as follows:

    P4 2ghz
    512mb Ram
    40gig SATA
    200gig IDE x2
    CD-Rom Drive
    Integrated Sound
    Nvidia Geforce 2

    I would like to install Ubutunu or Kubuntu on my SATA and use the IDE's as only Storage/FTP Access of Files. I know its alot to do and alot to ask I've read alot of tutorials but alot of them have like Bind/Sendmail etc that I don't need and I wonder if there is someone that could help me a little more/give directions.

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    Have you thought about installing a control panel like ISPConfig that lets you create web sites, FTP and email accounts, databases, etc.? I think it does everything you need. :)

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