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Discussion in 'General' started by schwim, Mar 24, 2019.

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    Hi there guys!

    I run a game server on a vps with ispconfig installed. During play, the connection will sometimes get dropped for all players and the players' game clients will no longer be able to access the game server unless I change the port. As an example, I'll host a game on port 30124, all players will lose the ability to connect to that gameserver, I'll change the port to 30125, players will be able to connect until it happens again and I'll have to change port again.

    Changing the port is not really a solution as other sites direct traffic to the IP:pORT. I need to find out why the server is refusing connection.

    I tried adding the port to the list of allowed ports in the firewall portion of ISPConfig(it wasn't in there prior but players were still able to use that port). I added the port, saved the new settings and tried to connect but the connection still failed.

    Can someone tell me what I might be able to do to try to resolve this issue? It's wreaking havoc on the our gaming community.
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    I spoke with one of the game developers and they suggested dropped UDP packets or a hung UDP thread. Is this something that the firewall installed with ispconfig or some other feature could be causing?

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