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Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by 614cooker, Mar 19, 2011.

  1. 614cooker

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    Hi as you may or maynot already know i am new to server setups. I have a HP TC4100 server setup with 2.5gb ram, 2 x 100 scsi hard drives and 2 x 1.13 processors. The problem i am having is I am trying to install centos onto it but after it asks me if i would like to install text or graphical, it will freeze on Inode-cache hash table entries does anyone have any ideas what to do. am i doing anything wrong. It has been stuck on this for 3 hours now and i dont think the server is too slow for the installation.
  2. falko

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    Seems as if CentOS doesn't support your hardware. Maybe you should try another distribution (e.g. Ubuntu or Debian).
  3. 614cooker

    614cooker New Member

    I have tried them all seems that the server just does not want to respond. I have had centos installed on it before but seems that it just does not want to install now. I have no idea how to get it up and running. im really starting to get desperite. has anyone on howtoforge got any experience with professional servers like the hp TC 4100 i could really do with your help right now.
  4. 614cooker

    614cooker New Member

    got it working finally it was a faulty 1gb ddr ram so after taking out it is working now thanks everyone for your help.

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