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Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by dibb3386, Sep 19, 2008.

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    Hey ive been working on a webserver for a while now bout a month or so, when i started i had no knowledge off linux so it was/is all new. So i install fedora 9 with no real hassle and got use to the basic commands. Then i have followed the perfect guide to a server by falco? That has all gone well (upto ispconfig not installed that yet) Now i have set everything up the way i think is right and on my server i can type in the browser my domain ive assigned to my website and its shows up fine (vhosts) but when i try on my laptop it times out. Probs something simple i know but like i said still new to it all.
    So any help on this would be great (yeah tried google ,searching the forums, Mirc, even the local IT shop(they can help but only for a price)

    Any help on this would be great.
    (sorry its not so detailed in the techno side)
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    Hey thanks for a quick reply.

    I have turned off my firewall for the time being just until i get everything sorted then i can worry about the security side of it.

    Yeah that webmin might be everything ive been looking for :) thanks alot


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