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    Hi Everyone!

    For reasons out of my control i'm now tasked with moving some of our ISPConfig servers to new boxes and taking all the sites with them.

    Our setup is one central web interface with ~8 web/db servers hanging off of it, no mail setups.

    We have (forexample) server1 which is going to be moved to newserver1 and should basically be a replication of server1 (then repeated for the other servers which need to be moved). Both new & old boxes are virtualised but going from one hosting provider to another so I don't think we can just transfer the images (but i'll check that out..).

    So my plan is to:

    1. Upgrade to latest ispconfig on all existing nodes. (already done but just for clarification)
    2. Run through the perfect server setup for that OS. (Note both new & old are the same distro).
    3. Copy relevant lines from /etc/passwd, shadow, group, gshadow to new node
    4. rsync with permissions /var/www/
    5. Copy client mysql db's over (don't copy dbispconfig)
    6. Install ISPConfig as a node on master server
    7. Mark newserver1 as mirror of server1
    8. Run the resync tool.

    Then repeat that for each node that needs to be upgraded.

    So in my mind this should result in a server running all it's sites as it was on the old server?

    Some questions though:
    1. What will happen to sites that have SSL's on the old server and have dedicated IP addresses? The IP's won't match on the new servers.
    2. If a server is a mirror of another; any changes to server1 will be duplicated on newserver1, what about any changes that are done to newserver1?
    3. When the time comes to remove server1 from ispconfig, what's the procedure there?
    4. The master server needs to be moved..

    My plan for the master server was to move that first (it just runs the web interface & it's a database server for one of the nodes) then change the hostname of the master server manually in all the existing ispconfig nodes.

    I'll write a howto guide when I do it if it works ;).

    Thanks in advance.

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