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Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by CyberDean, Jun 1, 2008.

  1. CyberDean

    CyberDean New Member

    I am installing Ubuntu 8.04 64 bit server using "The Perfect Server - Ubuntu Hardy Heron (Ubuntu 8.04 LTS Server)" by Falko on, on page 3. I am here due to my lack of knowledge of Linux and no success in installing 7.10 server since converting to Linux in Feb this year. At step 5 I have SSH installed and I'm attempting to install Putty on my desktop. Downloaded the Putty source, putty-0.60.tar.gz, unpacked it, and now I can't find where the unix directory is so I can complete the install of Putty. Makes me feel really DUMB. Any help out there?:confused:
  2. thecaoticone

    thecaoticone New Member

    If you are using a linux box, then you should be able to use a terminal console to connect to the server.

    1) Open a terminal console from your menu.

    2) Issue the command:

    ssh [email protected]

    (replace the "username" with the with your user name for logging in on the server, and replace "" with the server's IP)

    3) It will prompt you for the user password, type the password and you should be logged in.

    To find "putty":

    1) Open a terminal console from your menu

    2) become the root user
    (for Debian / Ubuntu the command is: sudo -i
    for Fedora / Redhat / Mandriva the command is: su

    3) issue the command:


    4) issue the command:

    locate putty

    A list of all files containing the word putty will come up.

    Hope this helped.
  3. CyberDean

    CyberDean New Member

    In the Putty download instructions it says, "To build the source, you will need to unpack one of these archives, change into the "unix" subdirectory, and type "make -f Makefile.gtk"."

    I have downloaded and unpacked the download to subdirectory /putty0.60/unix, but I can't find these subdirectories. I have searched being and not being root in a terminal window although it appears to be from the root directory.

    Thanks so much for the help, but my mind is acting like a clutx so much right now.:confused:
  4. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    I think PuTTY is in the Ubuntu repositories, so you can install it with apt.

    What does
    apt-cache search putty
  5. CyberDean

    CyberDean New Member

    Hi falko, found it late last night, installed, connected to server and went to bed. Thanks for the "HowTo", help and all, really appreciate it.

    June 2, 2008 - 10:15am EST US
    Installed Putty on work PC with windows and could not connect to my server this morning. I believe it is probably the IP addressing of my server, I set it up last evening as if it had a "Static" IP address, but it is Dynamic IP addrssing. Any idea as to where I can find a HowTo to set it up for "Dynamic" IP addressing? I am using DYNDNS with ddclient, but my network interfaces config file is setup with Static IP. I will be off work later this morning and I'll google around the web also.
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  6. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    So the server is behind a router which gets a dynamic IP from the ISP? DynDNS is good, but in addition to that you must tell the router to forward requests for port 22 (SSH) to your server.
  7. CyberDean

    CyberDean New Member

    Hi falko, sorry for my ignorance on setting up my server with Linux, my first one.

    Let me explain how it is wired, maybe that will shed some light on my problem. I am running internet connection from my phone service using a DSL modem. I have both of my server ethernet wired connections, eth0 and eth1, to the DSL modem. I also have an ethernet wired connection from the DSL modem to a Linksys Router, Wireless-G model WRT54G which I have my desktops wired and my laptop wireless. Using Network Tools window on the server I can keep track with the IP address and change it in interfaces config file until I figure out how to do it a better way. I went back and updated interfaces config and checked others setting and as long as I know what the IP Address is when I go to use Putty I do connect and login. Plus, I must have corrected one problem in the config files seeing that the Network window is now coming up NOT grayed out, but I am still missing something cause it will not "Authenticate, An unexpected error has occurred". I key in the password for my login as it asked for. Getting closer.

    I am still on page 3 of your HowTo of Server install for 8.04, section 7, configure the network.

    I have other chores I need to accomplish this afternoon, I'll be back this evening.

  8. CyberDean

    CyberDean New Member

    Hi again falko, I have been googling around to find instructions to change settings on my DSL modem and my Linksys router, do you know where I might find them?

    Also, prior to me finding your HowTo server install for 8.04, I had already installed the live CD and all the programs. While reading your HowTo, section 14, MYSQL, on page 4, it says,

    "You will be asked to provide a password for the MySQL root user - this password is valid for the user [email protected] as well as [email protected], so we don't have to specify a MySQL root password manually later on (as was the case with previous Ubuntu versions):"

    what problems will be created, if any, when I installed MYSQL initially, I setup a MySQL password? Those passwords are different, could this be effecting my network?

    Thanks so much for your assistance.

    1:40pm EST USA - Found how to get into the Speedstream and Linksys modems, will check them this evening. Thanks again.
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  9. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    On a Linksys WRT54G, it's under Applications & Gaming > Port Range Forward.

    Sorry, but I don't understand?
  10. CyberDean

    CyberDean New Member

    As I read it, you end up with a password for MySQL root user, user [email protected] as well as [email protected], should they be the same password or can they be different? I am wondering if that might be part of my network problem, other than not having everything configured yet, seeing that I have three different passwords at this time.

    Sorry for the confusion.
  11. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    The passwords can be different, but when you first install MySQL and specify a password, this password is valid for both users.
  12. CyberDean

    CyberDean New Member

    Hi falko, appreciate you hanging in there with me while I fumble around learning.

    As of last evening I had completed the install of the server software in your HowTo. Most went very well. some things I had to repeat cause of me not reading something correct, but I'll get over that.

    I still have a feeling that something is still not correct in the area of the passwords. Why I feel this way, when I open the Network window most of it is still grayed out, but the Unlock button is not now. So I try to Unlock the Network window and it request a password, before I get a chance to type the password I get this message, "Could not authenticate An unexpected error has occurred.".

    I am thinking of changing my user (system admin), su an MySQL passwords to something simpler and all the same to try and get this resolved, and then I can change them again. At this point I don't leave the server up and running and I don't have anything on it other than software.

    The other thing that has me confused is also in the Network window. In the Host name: it has and nothing in the Domain name:. ubuntursd is my server host name and is my domain name from DynDNS. Could I have my config file messed up? Sorry about me going round in cicles, I just don't know enough to know when I'm right or wrong.

    The only thing else that I can think of right now that might be a lead as to what is going on is my LAN and WAN. All computers including the server can communicate with the internet, I can ping to all on the LAN using IP addresses, but I can not ping the server using my domain name from the LAN or WAN.

    I do not know if any of the software I installed last evening works, I have not had a chance to check them out yet.

    Have a great day, I am having a ball learning and expanding my knowledge.

    One other item and it just happened again, the server is sitting there, I'm not doing anything, and a window pops up "Password Required", "Please enter the master password for the Software Security Device." I don't remember setting a password for that. I put my password in and everything appears to be fine till next time.
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  13. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    Did you install a desktop on the server, or where do you see these windows?

    That sounds like a firewall issue. What's the output of
    iptables -L
  14. CyberDean

    CyberDean New Member

    Hi falko,

    I installed the 8.04 64 bit server package and the Ubuntu desktop GUI.

    I'm at work all day today, so I'll check and post the iptables this evening.


    Hi falko, during the day today I kept thinking about the iptables, I knew what it was, but could not remember doing anything with it during the installation. So I have been reading all afternoon about the iptables and knew I had not set them up. Got home and confirmed this, all of the firewall files are blank. Found a tutorial and I'm learning and starting to set them up, I figured the worst would be for me to delete them and start over. But without a firewall, what could the problem be as described earlier in this thread?
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  15. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    I think the problem is that your router does not allow pings. Please check your router settings.

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