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Discussion in 'Suggest HOWTO' started by servertime, Jul 13, 2006.

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    Can I host from my
    computer, even if its behind the router and without having a static IPaddress?

    I have an old Pentium 2 Dell computer with a 4 Gig hard drive. Its connected to a Linksys Broadband Router with my other computer.

    The P2 has Debian and I have used some of these - -

    and they work on the local network.

    Can I use GoDaddy's Nameservers to point to my P2 on a Dynamic IP(that does not change that much) behind my router?

    Can you help me??? - Thanks!
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  2. falko

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    Not with A records, because you'd have to change the IP address in the records whenever your IP address changes. But you can get yourself a address (your router should be able to update the address), and then you can create a CNAME record for at GoDaddy which points to your domain.
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    Dont forget you'll have to forward ports to your server, port 80 is the defualt HTTP.

    And of course make sure your server is updated and secure so it can't be hacked.

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