SERIOUS ISPConfig + MySQL bug?

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by erebus, Sep 26, 2007.

  1. erebus

    erebus New Member

    Hello all,

    I was playing around today created demo resellers and users to see how ISPConfig behaves. Here is the scenario:

    1) As admin I have created a demo reseller with (among other) a privilege to create 10 MySQL DBs.

    2) I login as this demo reseller and created a demo website with a limit of 1 MySQL DB. For this website, I create a MySQL DB and a MySQL user. When I tried to create more DBs, ISPConfig says that I have reached the limit (which is normal).

    3) I then login with this MySQL user credentials in phpmyadmin. The username is web11_u1 and the database is web11_db1 (which is normal).

    Now comes the problem.

    When I logged in for the first time in phpmyadmin, I saw the created database 'web11_db1' and phpmyadmin proposed me to create if I want another db with the auto provided name 'web11?db1' (don't know why). So I tried and guess what happened. I was able to create it!

    So I tried to create more databases (always having logged in as web11_u1) and I reached to the following conclusion: I cannot create databases with any name I want (i.e. abcdef is not accepted) HOWEVER I CAN CREATE DBs with names similar to my originally created database name. So far I have already created these dbs:


    ...which I suppose is a serious issue.

    So please, have a look at it and give us a quick workaround.

    Thank you,

    P.S. I have thought to disable the database creation from phpmyadmin's config, however I don't think that this would solve the problem as it seems there is a problem with the credentials and not with the frontend itself.
  2. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    This is a known bug in mysql, but mysql refuses to fix this in the older versions. The recommended fix from mysql is to update your mysql installation to mysql 5.
  3. erebus

    erebus New Member

    Thank you till for the quick response.

    I didn't know it was a known issue. I'm sorry for that.

    I run a "perfect" Centos 4.5 server. How easy would be to upgrade to MySQL 5? Is ISPConfig ok with this? Does it run smoothly?

    Thank you again,
  4. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    ISPConfig supports all mysql versions > 3. Which mysql version are you using right now?
  5. erebus

    erebus New Member

    The latest stable that Centos 4.5 uses...

    MySQL 4.1.2

    Any upgrade procedure available to go to 5.x ?

    Thank you :)


    In the meantime, I have found a quick-n-dirty way to solve this. phpmyadmins proposes by default to the user logged in, to create a new db with a similar db name to the one already created (and this is how I've discovered this mysql bug). I.e. if the db is blah_blah, it proposes to the users to create blah?blah. So you have two choices: Either to disable new db creation from phpmyadmin, or to disable db name suggestions for the new dbs. Personally I prefer the later, as I found the new db creation useful -- especially for the root user. So, change the following two options accordingly in /home/admispconfig/ispconfig/web/phpmyadmin/

    $cfg['ShowCreateDb']          = TRUE;   // show create database form
    $cfg['SuggestDBName']         = FALSE;   // suggest a new DB name if possible (false = keep empty)
    Also if Hans find this tweak useful, he may set these values in his phpmyadmin package, so as not to change them each time for the every new upgrade.

    Thank you all,
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  6. mlz

    mlz New Member

    Check the CentOS Plus repository, you can get 5 from there.
  7. erebus

    erebus New Member

    Should I expect that by just running a

    yum --enablerepo=centosplus update
    ...everything will update just fine without breaking my setup/configuration?

    --> Running transaction check
    Dependencies Resolved
     Package                 Arch       Version          Repository        Size
     httpd                   i386       2.0.59-1.el4s1.7.el4.centos  centosplus                                                                                     928 k
         replacing  httpd-suexec.i386 2.0.52-32.3.ent.centos4
     kernel                  i686       2.6.9-55.0.9.EL  update             11 M
     perl                    i386       4:5.8.8-4.el4s1  centosplus         11 M
         replacing  perl-Filter.i386 1.30-6
     mysql                   i386       5.0.48-1.el4.centos  centosplus        2.7 M
     mysql-devel             i386       5.0.48-1.el4.centos  centosplus        2.8 M
     mysql-server            i386       5.0.48-1.el4.centos  centosplus        9.7 M
     perl-DBD-MySQL          i386       3.0008-1.el4.centos  centosplus        145 k
     perl-DBI                i386       1.53-2.el4s1     centosplus        602 k
     perl-libwww-perl        noarch     5.805-1.1.1      centosplus        371 k
     php                     i386       5.1.6-3.el4s1.7  centosplus        1.1 M
     php-devel               i386       5.1.6-3.el4s1.7  centosplus        490 k
     php-gd                  i386       5.1.6-3.el4s1.7  centosplus        102 k
     php-imap                i386       5.1.6-3.el4s1.7  centosplus         48 k
     php-ldap                i386       5.1.6-3.el4s1.7  centosplus         31 k
     php-mysql               i386       5.1.6-3.el4s1.7  centosplus         77 k
     php-odbc                i386       5.1.6-3.el4s1.7  centosplus         47 k
     php-pear                noarch     1:1.4.11-1.el4s1.1  centosplus        345 k
     php-xmlrpc              i386       5.1.6-3.el4s1.7  centosplus         49 k
     postfix                 i386  ce                                                                             ntosplus        3.1 M
     postgresql-libs         i386       8.1.9-1.el4s1.1  centosplus        183 k
     unixODBC                i386       2.2.12-1.el4s1.1  centosplus        869 k
    Installing for dependencies:
     autoconf                noarch     2.59-5           base              628 k
     automake                noarch     1.9.2-3          base              442 k
     mysql-libs              i386       5.0.48-1.el4.centos  centosplus        1.8 M
     mysqlclient14           i386       4.1.22-1.el4s1.1  centosplus        1.2 M
     perl-Compress-Zlib      i386       1.42-1.el4       centosplus         54 k
     php-cli                 i386       5.1.6-3.el4s1.7  centosplus        2.0 M
     php-common              i386       5.1.6-3.el4s1.7  centosplus        135 k
     php-pdo                 i386       5.1.6-3.el4s1.7  centosplus        219 k
     postgresql              i386       8.1.9-1.el4s1.1  centosplus        2.7 M
     postgresqlclient7       i386       7.4.14-1.el4s1.1.el4.centos  centosplus                                                                                     232 k
    Transaction Summary
    Install     13 Package(s)
    Update      18 Package(s)
    Remove       0 Package(s)
    Total download size: 55 M
    Is this ok [y/N]:
    Thank you.
  8. Hans

    Hans Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    I will consider to to so.
    Thank you for this usefull information anyway.

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