Separate control db to manage ndb production-cluster?

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by Martin., Jan 23, 2022.

  1. Martin.

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    and thanks again for your wonderful well working software.

    I'd like to use ISPconfig to manage the deployment of resources into the server farm (via server image), mainly WEB and DB servers (20+, about 7:3). They are already running via Dual-HA-Proxy Layer 7 balanced and know each other by name per convention on deployment.
    Deployment of WEB is simple, and I can control things like Zones, Apps and Scripts from ISP. Very comfy, thx.

    Now, using (real) NDB-cluster(s) requires mySQL over mariaDB, and the question is: is it possible/advisable to use an ISPconfig db on a separate port for managing the server config while leaving the cluster alone, or do you have other/better recommendations/experiences?
    (Alternatively, making ndb work with/for ISPconfig, not sure if that's a good idea, especially since it's tied to the server.)

    The idea is to deploy a new DB server via image, (which would have the "receiver" installed for ISPconfig as remote control) - mainly to BEAM mmgt scripts over (mostly to be executed, rather than ssh-in to every server on every deployment or change.
    There are cluster control panels, but they are heavy, very different, and I like ISPconfig.

    Looking forward to your input,
  2. ahrasis

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    I think MariaDB cluster should work fine too and I think it is always advisable to have ISPConfig master server separated from others and I think while using remote clustered database server for your websites etc., each server must still have their own database for ISPConfig management.

    I also think it is always possible to have clustered highly available ISPConfig control panel too but better wait and get the ISPConfig experts' advises for this.
  3. Martin.

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    As they say, there's one Master to rule 'em all. Also, that CP doesn't need HA, everything else does :). NDB has been removed from MariaDB a while ago, and I'm considering XtraDB cluster (based on new InnoDB Cluster) plus ProxySQL as alternative whenever possible. (NDB is part of CGE, gets pricey and there is a reason why 93% of mySQL users .. don't use it)
  4. ahrasis

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    Well, mysql is definitely supported but MariaDB is kinda default for ISPConfig at least nowadays. I was just saying MariaDB can do the same but nobody gonna stop you doing what you wish to do. Good luck! :cool:
  5. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    I guess most users would use MariaDB Galera cluster in such a case, but if you prefer a luster solution from MySQL, then feel free to do that. ISPconfig should work with any MySQL/MariaDB compliant database, it might just be that you have to tweak the settings a bit if you are using bleeding-edge version that has too strict settings. Personally I won't use a HA database for the local ISPConfig 'dbispconfig' database instances when doing a HA setup as you probably have more downtime by this in the long run and a slower setup as the connections from e.g. postfix have to made over the network then. Keep the dbispconfig databases of slave nodes as local MariaDB instances, ispconfig mirrors their content automatically anyway in mirror mode, as databases for the websites you can use a MySQL or mariaDB cluster on an ispconfig db slave node and for the master node, in case you want to make it HA as well, a MySQL cluster node might be used too.
  6. Martin.

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    Thanks for your time to reply.
    I went with Percona XtraDB-Cluster (which is based on Galera) for production data (and ProxySQL for splitting and LB), and use a separate instance / not clustered, separate port, for all ISPConfig related things. (Never intended HA for the panel, but the failover-web master has a clone anyway).
    So, that's handled and working - with a few tweaks indeed, but now there is another issue:
    As of today I'm going with "Nginx Unit". It's so incredibly better than plain ngx/php-fpm. (And trickier, of course.)

    : Are there any plans to support it?
    So far I'm using the ISPConfig as "infrastructure control" on a "separate channel" so to speak.
    For NGX UNit it might be sufficient to store/manage and re/submit a single field (or two) via JSON to their API,
    perhaps in combination with the already available setting fields.
    (-- If not, I might add a (very basic) plugin myself -- and share if its of any interest)
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