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Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by tech_paul, Jul 28, 2009.

  1. tech_paul

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    I have installed and configured scalix with sendmail, spamassassin and clamav. Sending emails working ok but when I send an email from a new user account to an outside email (like yahoo, gmail etc...) they are receiving it in the junk mail. When from the outside email (yahoo, gmail etc...) tick that that email is not spam, next time I send emails from the same scalix user account to the same yahoo email will go to inbox.

    Can anyone please tell me why the first email is going to spam folder and how can I resolve it please?

    Thanks. Your help is much appreciated!
  2. id10t

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    Many possible reasons. Are you using SPF records? What is showing in the headers? Often the headers will show a spam score and what triggered it...
  3. tech_paul

    tech_paul New Member

    Thanks very much for your reply.

    From the email header that went to spam folder in yahoo, there are no spam scoring listed neither words were specified that make him transfer it to spam.

    How to configure SPF records please?
  4. falko

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  5. tech_paul

    tech_paul New Member

    Thanks for your reply. But I already tried that and when I enter my domain, it will give me the wrong IP address. Is there a manual way to do it please?
  6. edge

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  7. tech_paul

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    Does the domain keys serve for all recipient mail servers? Like gmail, aol etc...? or for yahoo only?

    Because I would like to do something that will cover everything ie. every mail server will receive mail in its user inbox and not junk.
  8. edge

    edge Active Member Moderator

    Yahoo: domain keys
    Gmail: SPF
    Hotmail / MSN: Sender ID / SPF
  9. tech_paul

    tech_paul New Member

    Can I configure SPF manually please?
  10. edge

    edge Active Member Moderator

  11. tech_paul

    tech_paul New Member

    So why it is giving me the wrong IP when I enter the domain?
  12. tech_paul

    tech_paul New Member

    Ok I managed to create an SPF record and change the IP address manually but on gmail (and obviously yahoo) still receiving in junk mail :confused:

    N.B. In hotmail I am receiving in the inbox as previously..
  13. Mark_NL

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    Having an SPF record doesn't mean that all your mail will go to the inbox instead of the junk email .. nost work with AWL .. you need to send more then one email that lowers the score so you'll reach the normal inbox automaticly.
  14. tech_paul

    tech_paul New Member

    I am more confused now!

    What do I need to set in order to receive emails directly to inbox? SPF, DMIK or AWL?

    Please read my initial post.
  15. Mark_NL

    Mark_NL Member

    we all are, don't worrie ;-)

    What you need is:
    - SPF
    - Optional: DMIK
    - Patience

    AWL will happen automatically .. every time a mail arrives, it gets a spam score .. when another mail from the same domain comes, it gets another spam score .. those scores are calculated to an average score .. when that score reaches a certain level (the lower the better) the sender will be white-listed (no user interaction needed for this, hence Auto White Listing)

    Also the user settings of the mailbox is dependent on it .. especially hotmail/live mailboxes are a bit**!
  16. tech_paul

    tech_paul New Member

    Thanks for your reply. My last question would be:

    So what I need to do is just sending alot of plain emails from the domain to ex. yahoo (to score low)? Or there are some settings that I need to do on my server to get AWL working?
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  17. Mark_NL

    Mark_NL Member

    No AWL is just a matter of time ..

    You could send alot of mails, but then again, you're risking to be tagged as spam if you send the wrong email content :p

    just have patience.

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