Send email with NON STANDARD recipient address through our intranet

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    We have a ISPConfig 3 installation which runs some internet sites.
    One of this sites must send many particular emails through our internal Lotus Domino server which runs Extrafax.

    Extrafax is a SMS/FAX server, and the syntax for receiving email for delivery is:
    ISPConfig server can send normal email through my Domino server but when i try to send an email to Extrafax, Postfix tells that there's a mistake:

    How can i force Postfix send this particular email, routing them directly to my Domino server?

    Thank you a lot for your support, and sorry for my terrible english :D
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    Ok, solved. I answer myself :)

    1. /etc/postfix/, add this line:
    smtp_generic_maps = hash:/etc/postfix/generic
    2. Create the /etc/postfix/generic and add this line:
    @extrasms.domain.tld                  @extrasms
    3. call postmap program and let it update its database:
    postmap /etc/postfix/generic

    4. restart postfix:
    service postfix restart

    5. In ISPConfig 3 go to the EMail tab -> Global Filters -> Relay Recipients add @extrasms as new recipient

    6. In ISPConfig 3 go to the EMail tab -> EMail Accounts -> Email Routing add a new trasport, like this:

    Domain: extrasms
    Type: smtp
    No MX Lookup: checked
    Destination: ip of the Lotus Domino server
    Active: yes

    7. Send SMS whit this syntax
    [B][email protected][/B]
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