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    Sorry, if this has been answered already and I didn‘t find it. I have a single mailbox, which should receive mails and send a copy using the mailbox owner‘s mail address as sender to an external mail address.
    So, it should not keep the original sender, but do a forward like it would happen on a client. Can I configure a filter for this or is there an option in ispconfig? The „send copy as“ and forward keep the original sender. Thanks a lot for your help!
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    I believe you can set this behavior server-wide in dovecot config, or write a custom sieve script for a single user/case.
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    thanks a lot for your help. That definitely pointed me in the right direction! Yes, I had to enable editheader-plugin in dovecot and then I can use something like this in custom rules:
    require ["editheader"];
    fileinto "INBOX";
    deleteHeader "From";
    addHeader "From" "<MAILBOXNAME>";
    redirect "<REDIRTARGET>";
    This stores the unmodified original messge to the inbox and sends a message with the modified header to the redirect target.
    (BTW, you need to disable the "move spam to junk folder option" for the mailbox. If you need this working, you must add it to the above custom rules from the ispconfig/.sieve file)
    Thanks again for your help!
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