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Discussion in 'General' started by jalapela, Mar 9, 2011.

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    could i suggest that as a feature request?
    -> e.g. having multiple addresses entered by "," and this creates the corresponding sieve filter.

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    "send copy to" multi users - Patches attached


    i have extended ispconfig to support mutiple addresses in the "Send copy to" mailbox field. the addresses have to be separated by comma "," and no whitespaces are allowed.

    as i only use dovecot (version 2.1.7), i haven't done any changes for the mailfilter files.

    find attached the diff-files. would be nice if you could include them in the next release, or isn't there an interest in general for this feature?
    what is missing:
    - extend it for the older sieve filter master template
    - extend it for the mailfilter template

    description of the changes made:

    mail_user.tform.php -> i changed the regex for the "cc" field to accept multiple addresses separated by comma.

    maildeliver_plugin.inc.php -> the "cc" is split by comma and filled in an array which is then passed to the tpl as loop.

    sieve_filter_1.2.master -> change the "single" redirect statement to multiple ones, created by the tpl_loop.

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    i had a request from a customer. he uses this function only for forwarding to multiple users, so he doesn't need a copy in the local account. i was thinking about making it possible to add e.g. a "#" at the end of the list, and to miss-use that to delete/discard the mails after the redirect?.... any feedback on that? i know, it would be nicer to have that directly in the GUI..... :)

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