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    This may not be specifically a problem with ISPConfig but I am using ISPConfig and I'm sure someone here will know the answer to this.
    I have an alias setup and point it to an actual mailbox. I enabled the "send as" checkbox in ISPConfig. Wondering how I would send as this alias... I use roundcube. Logged into Roundcube and added another identity for the alias. It seems to work, however I can add any address I want as another identity even non existent ones and they still send. The headers of the email always show:
    Received: from (localhost []) (Authenticated sender: [email protected])
    The From address will still show as the alias or non-existent address.

    Questions are: is this the correct way to send from an alias? Is there a way to lock down postfix so that it will not allow sending emails for non-existent or aliases that are not linked to the account you are authenticated as?

    Thanks in advance

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