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  1. patman

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    Hi. I've installed the perfect server ( Unfortunately, while I'm trying to connect to server from Outlook Express I have message about certificate - it's not signed by CA. So I'm trying to use my own self-signed certificate. I followed a manual from I have files:
    key.pem - Private key
    req.pem - Certificate signing request
    cert.pem - Certificate
    key-cert.pem - Combined private key and certificate

    How to use postfix with req.pem to attend certificate signing request?
    Forgive me my perfectly bad English :]
  2. Miguel

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    could you please clarify your error. It's only normal to receive an error / warning for an untrusted certificate. An untrusted certificate is either a self signed certificate of a certificate signed by a CA for which you didn't import the CA certificate.

    You should be able to tell Outlook Express that you 'trust' that certificate and than use it.

    Please clarify your error in order to get a clear answer.

    King regards,

  3. patman

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    The server you are connected is using a security certificate that could not
    be verified.
    A certificate chain processed, but terminated in a root certificate which is
    not trusted by trust provider.
    Do you want to continue using this server?

    I've imported certificate as trusted to client system (WinXP) and... still nothing :(

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