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Discussion in 'General' started by woggo_85, Nov 5, 2009.

  1. woggo_85

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    I have installed ispconfig on a master and slave. When the slave is trying to delete logs out of the table monitor_data, it recieves the error SELECT command denied.

    I first thought this was due to permissions on the MySQL DB on the master server, but this did not fix it.

    I have searched the forums for this issue, and did not have any luck. The full error is below. Many thanks in advancef for your help!

    DB::query(DELETE FROM monitor_data WHERE type ='raid_state' AND created < 1257238501) -> mysql_query SELECT command denied to user 'ispcsrv5'@'pop' for column 'type' in table 'monitor_data'

  2. till

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    Must be a permission isssue. Please check if all occurences of the mysql user ispcsrv5 in the master database have delete permissions on the table monitor_data.

    This is most likely a bug in the ispconfig installer if the permissions are not set correctly.
  3. woggo_85

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    I thought it was a permission issues. On hte master server I ran the GRANT ALL ON *.* 'ispcsrv5'@'pop'; just to see if it would fix it.

    No joy...

    Any other ideas?

    Is there any other info I can post that will assist?
  4. woggo_85

    woggo_85 New Member

    I'd be happy to try more if someone could inform me how I can manually debug that user.

    How would I find out what password ispconfig set for the user ispcsrv5?
  5. Same issue here after upgrading from to I suddenly got warnings for the servers on the ispconfig monitor.

    DB::query(DELETE FROM monitor_data WHERE type ='sys_log' AND created < 1258240203) -> mysql_query SELECT command denied to user 'ispconfig'@'' for column 'type' in table 'monitor_data'

    trying to do a select from such server:

    select * from monitor_data WHERE type ='sys_log';

    I get

    ERROR 1142 (42000): SELECT command denied to user 'ispconfig'@'' for table 'monitor_data'

    should their not be a server_id id filter btw?
  6. till

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    Hello Justin, the poster before you has a multiserver setup while your setup is a single server setup according to the sql queries and mysql users you posted. single and multiserver setups use a completely different user setup in mysql, so your problem must be a different problem.

    Please check that the passwords in the files for the user ispconfig on your server are correct.


    The select permission was missing in the grant statement in the installer. This has been fixed in svn already. Please add the select privelige for all ispcsrv* in the master database for the monitor_data table and reload the priveliges or restart mysal on the master.
  7. Hello Till,

    I do have a multi-server setup too.
    The usename 'ispconfig' might be confusing compared to a ispcsrv* one, as it was set manually during the trancission from a single to multiserver setup in the past.

    Is there still something in the sql statement besides the user, that indicates to you that this is not a multi-server setup?

    If I understand correctly

    UPDATE `mysql`.`tables_priv` SET `Timestamp` = NOW( ) , `Table_priv` = 'Select,Insert,Delete' WHERE `tables_priv`.`Host` = 'SERVERNAME' AND `tables_priv`.`Db` = 'dbispconfig' AND `tables_priv`.`User` = 'USER' AND `tables_priv`.`Table_name` = 'monitor_data' LIMIT 1 ;
    flush privileges;

    Where SEVERNAME and USER are replaced with the correct values of course

    should fix it for me?


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