Security question about port 81

Discussion in 'General' started by nandelbosc, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. nandelbosc

    nandelbosc New Member

    How insecure is open port 81 (ISPConfig administration) to internet?

    leaving aside the possibility of an attack by brute force, there is a known bug that can compromise the server? Other questions?

    in short, to what extent it is recommended to have port 81 open?

  2. edge

    edge Active Member Moderator

    I've had port 81 open for some years now on all my servers, and till now no problems.
    Makes sure (as with any password) that you use a strong (long) password!
  3. nandelbosc

    nandelbosc New Member


    ok, thank's edge!

    another related question...

    what users have access to login ISPConfig web interface? Only admin? all user market as administrators?

    If only admin can login (because I tried to login with a user market as administrator and don't work), how can I grant access to other user/s to add, delete or modify mail accounts?

    EDIT: I answer myself... Select a customer from a customer folder, click on data access tab and add a login and password... that's all! ;)
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  4. lordspace

    lordspace New Member

    I don't think 81 is insecure it's rather the application that is handling it.
  5. nandelbosc

    nandelbosc New Member

    yes, I know that port 81 is not insecure in itself, the question relates to services offered by the ISPConfig on port 81

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