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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by drahcir77, Jan 23, 2010.

  1. drahcir77

    drahcir77 New Member

    I am using Ubuntu 9.1, ispconfig 3, and did the install of perfect server etc.

    using postfix 2.6.5

    I can put in the certs for postfix and they show my information for about two days and then they change,,

    I know I did not complete the ispconfig 3 install properly when it created a certificate.

    I think that may be my problem but I don't know where to go to fix this problem

    if you think I have a security problem, please let me know:rolleyes:
  2. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    ISPConfig is not changing any postfix ssl certs after initial setup and this codes is even not on your server after the installation, so it is definatley not related to ispconfig. You must have any other software installed which is doing this.
  3. drahcir77

    drahcir77 New Member

    Ok thanks but

    ok thanks, now what do I do, any idea of where to look to solve this problem, I have looked at the other threads about this subject, but I still have the problem,, do I need to worry about this ??:confused:
  4. jon

    jon Member

    Where did you put the certs? Also what distro are you running?
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  5. drahcir77

    drahcir77 New Member

    I did this install, I am a beginner so this is a steeeeeep learning curve for me, but having fun

    if this is a real problem then i will try to fix, if it is only something that should be fixed I will wait until next weekend


    I have done the creation twice by the instructions on page 4 of the above presentation

    I am also using phpmyadmin, webmin, and putty, have not installed anything else to my knowledge
  6. jon

    jon Member

    So I assume that you have your PEM format certificates in /etc/courier/ and that you've restarted courier-imap-ssl and courier-pop-ssl and have no errors.

    Based on that, does anything on your system change at all between the time it works and the time it doesn't? Do your logs show anything?
  7. drahcir77

    drahcir77 New Member

    Nothing changes other than I am doing some learning on web pages and working on that, starting courier does not give an error, and which logs and where are they, I will surely look at them
  8. drahcir77

    drahcir77 New Member

    I did some looking and I did find that the cert is from my server, looks like it is my original cert but encrypted,

    not sure why but will do some more looking

    thanks for the help:cool:

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