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    So, in the RKHunter log page in ISPConfig I am seeing this:


    Data from: ????-??-?? ??:??

    No data about RKHunter available at the moment. Please check again later.
    I manually ran a scan from the CLI and expected it to update--and nothing.

    So, what prompted this is that I noticed that Fail2ban had banned several ssh login attempts from five different ip's in asia:eek:. I have since configured the NAT firewall to block all ssh logins attempts from all WAN ip's except mine.

    Are there any other suggestions to enhance security here--I am running the default install of ISPConfig 3.

    thanks in advance,


    PS: BTW, how common is this?
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    rkhunter is run automatically once a night by ispconfig. If you run it manually then you can only view the log on the shell and not in ispconfig.
  3. MattJo.

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    Security Steps


    Thanks very much. Any other suggested/must-do security steps I should take, besides, checking the logs? I have limited SSH access to my IP's only. Would increasing the fail2ban time help?



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